Frequently asked customer questions

Westland Flea Market is an indoor and outdoor flea market conveniently located on the west side of Columbus, Ohio near the new Hollywood Casino. With over 300 dealer booths, we have something for everyone. Since the companies deal with every customer directly, you will not only get great service, but also better value and cost savings.

Can I use my credit card or debit card?

You can easily use your cards in the Flealess Market area. Also, some of the larger dealers have their own payment terminals or utilize Square, which allows them to accept payment via their smart phone. You can also use your card to purchase a gift certificate at our office, which is located in the front of the market, in the precise amount of your purchase. For your added convenience, we also have an ATM available.

How is the parking?

We have a huge lot around the building with multiple entrances. In addition to parking in the front, you can park on the east side or in the back of the building. As always, parking is FREE.

What are the handicap facilities?

We have numerous handicap parking spaces on all three sides of the building. We have six rest rooms and most are handicap accessible. The building has a slight grade change from front to back, but there are three ramps to accommodate those in wheel chairs or scooters. At this time, we do not have power assisted doors.

What food is available?

We have a full service snack bar with affordable prices comparable to fast food restaurants. We also have a dining room with abundant seating. Several dealers also sell food like popcorn, ice cream, snow cones, and cotton candy.

Do you have baby-changing stations?


Frequently Asked Vendor Questions

Westland Flea Market is an indoor and outdoor flea market conveniently located on the west side of Columbus, Ohio near the new Hollywood Casino. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, contact us today at 614-272-4578.

Do I need a vendor license?

Yes, you will need a license to sell at Westland and we have the proper applications for you to complete if you want to stop by and get one.

Outdoor Dealer: If you are an outdoor dealer, you need to apply for a transient license from the State of Ohio. Go to and create a user name and password. Next go to “New Account Registration and Fuel Permit” to apply for the transient license online or physically go to 4485 Northland Ridge Blvd. 43229 in Columbus, Ohio.

Indoor Dealer: If you are an indoor dealer and expect to be permanent, you need to apply for a county license specific for the 4170 West Broad St. location. You can apply for this license at the Franklin County Auditor’s Office, 373 S. High St. in Columbus.

Either of the licenses will cost $25, and there is no annual renewal fee. You will have to fill out a form every six months and send your sales tax collections in to the State or County. Remember that with a vendor license you can buy items for resale without paying the sales tax, thus saving at least 7.5%.

If you are just starting out, you might want to consider a space in our Flealess Market where we sell your items for you. At the Flealess Market, we take care of collecting the sales taxes and you will not need a vendor’s license. This is an excellent way to start out and learn what products are popular in the flea market.

How much inventory do I need?

For general merchandise you need a substantial inventory. If you are seriously investing your time into selling, you are probably hoping to make several hundred dollars in sales in one weekend. You can’t do this with only $100.00 worth of inventory. We recommend a minimum inventory of $2,000.00 More is better.

What should I sell?

Generally, I would say the more popular the item, the better. That being said, if everyone else is selling it, then you might not do so well. Try to provide products that are popular yet other vendors aren’t offering – and be sure to price it reasonably.

Where can I find products?

Search online looking for good, clearance prices and liquidated merchandise. Also, look for exceptional deals at discount and bargain stores and buy a large quantity.

What can I do to succeed?

Have a good inventory, a nice looking booth, and be open-minded. If you can develop a website and a social networking presence, that can help. Don’t overlook free listings on various sites like, if applicable.

How long is the Lease?

Indoor leases are week to week and the outdoor spaces are day to day.

What if I need more space?

You can either wait for something next to you to open up or move to a different section of the market when a larger space becomes available. Also, you can rent some temporary space in the Flealess Market until a space opens up. Many of our dealers routinely rent some space in the Flealess Market to increase their exposure to the customers as we get a lot of foot traffic here.

Do you limit competition?

We definitely will not give exclusive rights to anyone. Competition is very important in a flea market to insure the best prices. We want to develop a good balance of products so we will limit the number of dealers in a certain category if we feel we already have enough. We also try not to have dealers with comparable merchandise within shouting distance of each other.

What can’t I sell?

You can’t sell stolen merchandise. State law requires that you need to be able to show receipts for new merchandise and for used merchandise you need a comprehensive log of who you bought it from. No counterfeit merchandise such as bootleg movie DVDs and fake designer handbags, and athletic shoes are allowed to be sold. The sale of food items is limited to candy, chips, and food to be taken home. Home-canned foods, home-baked goods, and other home-prepared foods need to be properly labeled and prepared foods need to have been cooked or baked in a licensed kitchen.