Rules & Regulations

These are the official rules and regulations for Vendors at the Westland Flea Market. Download a copy here and sign it to bring with you. It is also displayed down below for you review. The rules for the Indoor Market are first, followed by the rules for the Flealess Market. For the Outdoor Market, the rules can be viewed here.

Indoor Vendor Rules & Regulations

1) If you desire the same space for the next weekend, this space MUST be paid for by 5:00 PM on the Sunday of the preceding weekend or your space may be rented to someone else. Any items left in an unrented or unpaid for booths will be removed by management.

2) If you have reserved space and not paid for it in advance, you MUST do so by the time the Flea Market opens to the general public on the date of your reservation, or management may rent your reserved space to someone else, outside dealers are first come first serve we DO NOT reserve outside spaces.

3) The Westland Flea Market is officially open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM to the general public.  Dealers may enter the building at 8:30 AM. The Westland Flea Market is open extended hours the week of Christmas.

4) You should properly display your merchandise within the confines of your booth. NO merchandise can be displayed in the aisles.  This Means:

a. No Merchandise hanging into the aisle side of the booth.
b. Signs cannot protrude into the aisle.
c. Shelves, Racks, and Walls cannot be higher than 8ft tall, and may not protrude into the aisle way.
d. Any booth modifications must be approved by the management.
e. All curtains must be fire-proofed by management before use.
f. All booths and spaces are to be kept clean, neat, orderly, trash and clutter free.
g. There shall be no type of coverings on top of the booths; this is a fire hazard and grounds for immediate eviction.

5) Booths with electricity are permitted to use up to 300 watts of electricity each. The use of high wattage appliances such as heaters, coffee makers, refrigerators, and microwaves are not permitted. ALL extension cords must be of the same size or larger than the cord on the appliance being plugged in.

6) The management reserves the right to designate the parking space for all dealer vehicles. Always park between the stripes. NEVER PARK IN THE FIRE LANE IN FRONT OF OR BESIDE THE FLEA MARKET, the local police will ticket you. Also DO NOT park in the handicapped area, these spaces require a special permit (Placard or Special License Plate), and are to be used only by the handicapped.

7) Management reserves the right to revoke the selling privileges of ANY dealer for ANY reason at its discretion.

8) Management reserves the right to add, alter, change, or remove ANY RULES AND REGULATIONS as we see fit at any time with or without notice to you.

9) NO item may be displayed or sold that management feels is in poor taste or does not reflect a positive image for the Flea Market. Management has the express right to say what CAN OR CANNOT be sold in the Flea Market at any time.

10) NO dealer may sublet his/her booth or assign it to anyone without the manager’s express permission. All booth rental rights belong to Rainbow Flea Markets Inc.

11) Dealers are expected to be clean, well groomed and dressed in clean clothes while working at the Flea Market. NO “off color” sayings or drawings on clothing will be permitted.

12) Dealers and those with dealers MUST use appropriate language in or around the flea market grounds; Excessive Display of affection is prohibited in the Fleamarket. All dealers and those with dealers must look and act in a professional manner.

13) Dealers should dispose of ALL trash in the dumpsters provided around the perimeter of the building. ALL boxes should be flattened or filled with other trash to help maximize the capacity of the dumpsters.

14) NO animals of any kind, including dogs and cats, are permitted in the flea market.

15) Smoking is NOT PERMITTED in the building at anytime per the Ohio revised code. Smoking may ONLY take place outside of the building and AT LEAST 50ft from any door or window.

16) Consumption of alcoholic beverages is NOT permitted in or on the flea market grounds at any time. You will be asked to leave and not return if you do.

17) Use of illegal drugs or substances in or on the flea market grounds is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Violators will be forced to leave and asked not to return if you do.

18) Dealers CANNOT sell food, tobacco, beverages, snack items, alcoholic beverages, munitions or paint without the permission of management. Munitions and paint are subject to special safety regulations which MUST be followed. Check with management before bringing these items into the flea market.

19) The sale of guns and ammunition of any kind are STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

20) Vendor licenses are REQUIRED for all dealers. The cost is a ONE-TIME fee of $25.00. The manager has the applications and instructions on how to obtain the license. The state does visit us regularly and you could be fined $100.00 or more.

21) Dealers selling baby food, infant formula, drugs, cosmetics, devices, or products with printed or stamped expiration dates NEED TO SEE THE MANAGER for a copy of the state regulations restricting the sale of these items at a flea market. Illegal sale of these items could result in confiscation of your entire inventory, along with possible fines and jail time.


23) Dealers selling new and unused personal property NEED TO SEE THE MANAGER for a copy of state regulations on record keeping requirements. The rules require you to keep detailed records and receipts of your purchases describing the merchandise including serial numbers and with complete ID on the person you purchased the merchandise from.

24) Similar rules apply to purchasing used merchandise. You NEED to get complete ID information from the person(s) you buy items from and keep a log or file showing who you purchased items from.


26) The sale of counterfeit merchandise, knock-off merchandise that infringes on trademark rights, duplicated audio and video material that infringes on copyright rights, and the sale of stolen merchandise are all STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

27) Those dealers that are using or listen to or selling stereos, stereo equipment, speakers, amplifiers, etc. are to KEEP the noise or sound level to a MINIMUM AT ALL TIMES! The sound level MUST stay within the confines of your booth only! There is NO reason any other dealer or customer should have to complain because of loud music. You are not permitted to “blare” or “crank it up” just for a demo, all noise levels need to be kept to a minimum. The manager will be watching/listening for noise and sound that is “disturbing or obnoxious”, and ask them to leave the Fleamarket if it can not be kept under control.

28) Shoppers or customers are NOT PERMITTED to walk around and sell merchandise to dealers or other customers. If you notice a customer doing this PLEASE ALERT THE MANAGER immediately so that it can be taken care of. We as the management urge you not to buy from customers like this due to the fact of stolen merchandise.

Flealess Market Rules & Regulations

1) The Flealess Market will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

2) Dealers are responsible for keeping their shelves full of merchandise, in neat order, and properly labeled with the price and dealer I. D. number. Dealer represents that it is the legal owner of all merchandise offered for sale and that said merchandise is in good condition

3) Spaces are rented by the weekend. If a space is rented during the weekend, rents will be pro-rated. Renewals must be paid for by 5 p.m. on the Sunday before the next weekend. All booths not paid for in advance will be put on the “available” list. Merchandise will be removed from spaces not paid for and put into storage and dealer will be notified to pick up his merchandise. If Dealer fails to pick up his merchandise within ten days after notification is sent, the Flealess Market may sell Dealer’s merchandise to pay for storage, with any additional money being sent to the Dealer at his last known address.

4) The Flealess Market will collect sales tax and forward said sales tax to the Stat of Ohio on all of Dealer’s taxable merchandise sold.

5) The Flealess Market will pay Dealer the proceeds of sales made by the Flealess Market for the Dealer every two weeks. The Flealess Market will deduct 9% of said sales to cover costs of payroll and charge card fees. Payments to Dealers will be available for pick up at the Flealess Market on the first Friday following the end of the two-week period. Past due rent owed by Dealer may also be deducted from Dealer’s payment.

6) The Flealess Market will make every effort to protect Dealer’s merchandise from theft or damage. However, the Flealess Market assumes no financial responsibility for any losses sustained by Dealer.

7) Management of the Flealess Market reserves the right to determine what kind of merchandise can be sold in the Flealess Market and to revoke the selling privileges of any Dealer.