Westland Flea Market Vendor Information

We have three choices in space: standard 8’ by 8’ booths available on a weekend to weekend basis, outdoor spaces on the blacktop available on a daily basis, and various type spaces in the Flealess Market where we sell your items for you.

You are required to have a valid Ohio Vendors License to rent a booth or outdoor space. You do not need a Vendors License to sell in the Flealess Market because we take care of that for you.

Currently, we have a waiting list for the standard 8’ by 8’ booths. If you are interested in one you can stop in on the weekend and fill out an application or email us at: info@westlandfleamarket.com and we will email you an application. In determining who is selected for available space, we look at the type of merchandise or services that you are proposing to offer, and also we assess your retailing capabilities. We give high marks to retail experience, social networking skills, and ability to process credit cards yourself.

We typically have enough outdoor spaces to accommodate demand. Just show up, take a space and come inside and pay for the space and show us your Vendors License.

The Flealess Market currently has space available in each of its three space formats. Just come in on the weekend and we can rent you a space and you can stock your space.

If you can’t consistently have your booth open most of the Flea Market hours on Saturday and Sunday, we recommend either the Flealess Market or setting up outdoors. We do not like to see closed booths in our market on Saturday and Sunday. Also, it isn’t easy to make money when you aren’t open.

Most dealers that in the inside booths at Westland Flea Market sell new merchandise. If selling used stuff is your thing, you might want to consider our outdoor spaces or setting up at South Drive-in Theater. http://www.southdrive-in.com.

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